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To Be An Artist Is To Believe In Life

My name is Ravin Lawson and I was born and raised in Sanford, FL. I have been making art for as long as I can remember and began selling drawings to my classmates in the 4th grade. I started painting in 2006 on t-shirts and other clothing, then moved on to canvas art in 2013. I have done artwork for notable celebrities such as Harry Belafonte, Tarana Burke, Winston Duke, Rae Sremmurd, Regina Hall, Will Packer, Webbie, and others.

My vision is to create a brighter world for the future and build upon the legacy of my culture.

My mission is to inspire others that anything is possible. the world is ours, to shape with our creativity, so follow your dreams, keep the faith, and keep going!

My goal is to build a space where artists and creators of ALL forms can come learn, practice, and develop their crafts. I want to offer jobs, certifications, brand building, after school programs, and scholarships to the youth. This place will be know as The Creative Labs


Art Has The Power To Transform, To Illuminate, To Educate, Inspire, And Motivate

I specialize in a series of widely under appreciated paint styles. My forte is creating art by mixing acrylic styles and spray paint styles on canvas. Doing so provides me a unique glossy look to my art.

A tribute to a king

God Will Rise

Acrylic & spray paint tribute to Nipsey Hustle on a canvas print. Nipsey is an idol to many of us with that being said I created this art piece to spread his wisdom to those that need it.

One love


Bob Marley used his music to spread his message of Rastafari & I hope that my artwork rendition of Marley is able to display his message.

Chaotic Brilliance


An artist that shaped my life across a generation. through his raw talent and explicit expression to represent his world.


Summer Rain

Acrylic and spray paint on canvas. My rendition of an abstract painting that begs to be put on a big blank wall.

My Services

Art Is The Journey Of A Free Soul

I take commission pieces & release new pieces frequently. I am also a licensed vendor of IOTA merchandise since 2006. Always providing the freshest look for you. 

Commission Consulation

If you’re interested in having custom art pieces created hit me up! The commission consultation will cover reviewing your project and requirements.

Original Art Piece

Art is an investment. Adding a new art piece of artwork to a room can add a vibe and aesthetic feel to it! 

NFT Art In The Works

Exclusive NFT minted collections dropping soon! We will release exclusive digital pieces that come with real-world rewards and utility. 

Merchandise Design

Shop my custom merchandise line online! Also, if you need art for your brand, contact me for detail! 

My Work

Explore. Dream. Discover.

Take a glance at some of my best & currently available art pieces. Creating these art pieces took all of my passion & patience to create something that felt authentic & meaningful. I hope you feel connected to them when you own a piece as much as I do.

A Video discovery section

Ravin Fresh's video

My former college professor & friend (HARRY BELAFONTE) once said “anything is possible”

My belief

Art Is Not What You See, But What You Make Others See

My art is impactful & carry deep meaning of my life’s experiences

My Price

Special prices that I offer.

All of my commissions are tailored priced per client but my unique art pieces have a specific price regardless of scarcity. I only print a small quantity of all my art pieces so please make sure to purchase them before they are gone.

Commission Consultation

for investors who want something personal

Per project

Merchandising Design

for ORGANIZATIONS that want to  represent their brand in merch

Per project


Art Piece Gallery

for exquisite minds

that appreciate my art

Per project

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Latest and freshest blogs and news.

I frequently discuss new events & upcoming projects in my blog section